About Us

Preservation Northern Shenandoah Valley(PNSV) began as a local branch of the statewide Association for the Preservation of Virginia's Antiquities/Preservation Virginia in August of 2008. Under the umbrella of the statewide organization, our branch began membership recruiting, advocacy and fund raising in our local area for historic preservation of properties deemed worthy of saving for the future.

Due to budgeting constraints, the Board of Trustees of Preservation Virginia made the decision to end their support of the local branch system. The Board of Managers of the PNSV branch decided to continue operations and formed Preservation Northern Shenandoah Valley(PNSV) in May of 2013.

In the past and present, the branch and later PNSV has been successful in fundraising for specific projects and has acted as a steward for those funds. PNSV does not undertake actual preservation work itself, but passes the funds to certified non-profit organizations who oversee the projects. PNSV regularly advocates for historic preservation in the local communities and seeks to bring parties to together to reach an historic preservation solution that works for all concerned.

As a regular recurring activity, the Foundation holds its membership meetings at various historic sites normally not open to the public to allow members and guests to view these properties and to learn about their history. These meeetings are open to the general public